To enter as a team simply come up with a team name, fill out your registration form as usual but don’t forget to fill out the “Team Name” section and make sure your team mates use the same name. If you and your team members register before 31st July for an extra $10 you can have your team name printed on the back of your jersey! Please note that this option comes with the following strict conditions.

  1. You MUST select “Adult TEAM” or “Junior TEAM” registration option.
  2. Teams MUST consist of 5 riders or more – please check that you have 5 riders who are willing to register before July 31st before you commit to paying the $10 extra for your jersey as this amount cannot be refunded.
  3. You MUST register before 31st July
  4. Please ensure all members of your team use exactly the same team name wording.
  5. All team names will be printed in capital letters on the back of the jersey.
  6. Changes to jersey sizes for team jerseys MUST be made before 31st July.

You can still register to be part of a team after 31st July however your team name cannot be included on your jersey. Don’t forget to fill out the “Team Name” section at the bottom of the “Personal Information” page and make sure your team mates use the same name.

Why not get your friends, family or workmates together and enter as a team! You don’t have to ride the same distance or speed as one another

The annual River 2 Reef Team Trophy is awarded to the team who covers the most kilometres on the day.

Team’s Challenge History
Year Winners Km’s Covered
2016  Hail Creek Mine Rio Tinto 8855kms
2015  Hail Creek Mine Rio Tinto  4950kms
2014 Team DBCT
2013 Thiess “Blue Bloods” 5000km
2012 Thiess “Blue Bloods” 4695km
2011 Thiess 1635km

Check Your Team

Please email [email protected] if you have any team enquiries