R2RR Heroes

We know how hard our local charities work, we understand the commitment it takes. Our two local charities, RACQ CQ Rescue and Mackay and District Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association work tirelessly for our community. So far the event has raised over $250,000 in 6 years and in 2017 we are aiming bigger.

So, this year, why not become one of our RIDE HEROES, it’s simple to do and you can attach it to your ‘Everday Hero Australia’ account.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Simply register for the event first via the online registration page
  2. Set up your Everyday Hero page – your fundraised amounts will be split evenly between the two charities
  3. Start your fundraising through your Everyday Hero page

As a way of rewarding your hard work, the following fundraising goals and rewards are on offer…

  • Raise $80 and receive the R2RR UV sun sleeves
  • Raise $250 and receive the R2RR socks and gloves
  • Raise $500 have your pre-paid ride registration fee refunded** to you and receive a premium set of RIDE HERO bicycle knicks.

Only people who register to be our RIDE HEROES can earn the exclusive kit.

Please note – we want you to be able to wear your awesome, well earned gear on the ride. So please be aware that there are cut off times. This will ensure we can have you gear there before ride day. FUNDRAISING GOALS MUST BE REACHED BY 31st AUGUST 2017 TO RECEIVE YOUR ITEMS BEFORE RIDE DAY.

Don’t worry if you miss the cut off we will arrange for you to get your Knicks post ride and you can show them off to all your riding buddies for the next 12 months.

**Ride hero refund for those raising over $500 will take place directly after the event.