Entrant Information

Pre ride checklist

  1. Check your tyre air pressure- a comfortable ride will traditionally be around 100psi
  2. Check brakes and cables
  3. Make sure there are no strange rattling sounds coming from your bike
  4. Make sure your quick release hubs are tight
  5. Make sure you have the following for your ride: spare tube, pump, tyre levers, multi tool
  6. Mobile phone and Identification (put these is a airtight bag in case it rains)
  7. Some cash for breakfast and coffee after your rideĀ or emergency
  8. Water bottles (cyclists call these bidons)

Riding tips

Unless you’re an experienced rider it is best to train with other cyclists until you gain confidence on the road, or advise someone of your travel route before you leave. Training in small groups is fun and passes the time quickly. Be sure to only ride 2 abreast and remember that we SHARE the road with other road users. Once you head out on your bike your representing the whole cycling community. Be careful, be considerate. Be aware. Stay safe.

  • ALWAYS obey the traffic rules
  • Keep to the left
  • Always overtake on the right and look for vehicles before attempting to pass another cyclist
  • Share the roads and footpaths
  • Use hand signals to indicate your movements around corners