All riders have a level of responsibility for their own welfare and that of others. Please do not attend the event if:

  • you feel unwell or have any flu like symptoms
  • you have been in close contact with a person who is positive for COVID 19
  • you are positive to COVID 19 
  • you have travelled overseas or to a declared Covid 19 hotspot in the previous 14 days


  • This is not a closed road event please obey all normal road rules.
  • It is extremely important that riders keep left on the footpath section of the course, we will have local foot and cycle traffic on the path as well as our event traffic. Please stay left to avoid head on collisions. Ensure you maintain a slow and safe speed through the whole event and in particular on the footpath sections.
  • There are sections on the path that are narrow including ramps, bridges and crossings. Please use common sense and listen to volunteer instructions in these areas.
  • If the path is wet please reduce speed and proceed with cation.
  • Please avoid crowding at the rest stops and take particular care to move off the road before you stop and dismount. There will be vehicles moving through


On the morning of the ride enjoy your normal breakfast maybe eating a little more than you usually do without making yourself feel uncomfortable.

Items we recommend you carry include your mobile phone (in a clip lock bag to protect it from sweat and rain), some cash to purchase breakfast when you return from the ride (the clip lock bag also makes for a great wallet), car keys if you have them with you, sunscreen, small snacks like muesli bars and a spare tube which fits your bike tyre. If you are wearing a ride jersey, the pockets at the back are a great place to keep everything and also keep your rubbish until you find a bin. While a water bottle may fit in these pockets it is much more comfortable to carry this in a bottle holder on your bike. If you feel like your back pockets will be too full you can buy a ‘saddle pack’ which is a small bag that attaches to your seat post. It is also recommended that you carry a handheld pump or CO2 cartridge with you in case you need to pump up a flat tyre.

Please ensure that you begin the ride with a FULL water bottle. There will be water and Powerade available at refreshment stops. If you have 2 bottle holders on your bike it is recommended that you carry 2 bottles especially if it is a warm day.

You have been provided with a ride number plate and 2 zip ties. The number plate has a timing chip connected to the back of it. It is important that you do not bend or damage this chip. This number must be attached to THE FRONT OF YOUR BIKE (using the zip ties) before you arrive on the day. This number plate will be used for check-in and check-out. This is a very important aspect of the ride. If you arrive on the day without your ride number you will not be permitted to ride.

ALL RIDERS MUST WEAR A HELMET and closed in shoes.





On the day of the event riders MUST arrive and immediately cross the start line within the ½ hour time slot you selected when you registered. All 135km riders (only) must start at 5.30am. The start/finish line is at Caneland Park, Matsura Drive.

There will chip readers on the ground as you ride under the start/finish arch. It is important that you ride over these as this will check you into the event via your rider number plate. If your rider number plate is not attached to THE FRONT OF YOUR BIKE the mats will not be able to read your chip correctly. Please ride over these mats ONCE ONLY when starting the ride.


It is important to remember that this event is a ride NOT A RACE. There is no speed that you have to achieve or time that you must finish it by. Ride at your own pace. Safety is a very important aspect of the day. There will be official car drivers along the route providing assistance to those who need it. There will be many experienced riders in the group who will be able to assist with small mechanical issues. If you require assistance please move to the side of the road and place your bike upside down (wheels up) so that a support car / rider can assist you as soon as possible. It is important that you make it back safely so if at any point on the ride you do not feel able to make it back to the finish please stop and signal for assistance.

Please note that the all 30km, 60km, 90km and 135km riders will ride to the turnaround point for the 30km route at Dumbleton. This is where you will find the 1st of 2 refreshment points. If you have nominated for the 60km, 90km or 135km option but do not feel that you will make the distance simply turn around at this point and head back with the 30km riders. For those completing the 60km, 90km and 135km options there is a second refreshment stop at the Habana Church. At this point the 60km riders will turn around, those who are doing the 90km or 135km but feel they will not make it here is your chance to follow the 60km riders.

The 90km and 135km riders will ride past this point for approximately 10km, turn around and come back past the rest station for a third chance to refresh.

At each refreshment point you will be provided with bananas, fruitcake, water and Powerade. You are welcome to stop at these points and take time to rest/recover if you feel the need. Once you have collected your refreshments please move away from the table/tent area.

Bins will be provided in these areas and you are encouraged to keep these areas tidy. Please use water carefully, water provided has been purchased for drinking only.

These points will be manned by volunteers, please talk to them if you have any questions or concerns. It is hoped that the day will be as enjoyable as possible for everyone including our volunteers, give them a wave as you ride past refreshment points and corners, without them this day could not be possible.

Please see our website for maps for each distance. Don’t worry if you don’t feel confident with the directions, there will be hundreds of others riding with you along with corner marshals and signage to guide you along the way. All riders start and finish at the same point.

If there is an emergency situation please call 000 and or notify an official.


Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as other road users. Whatever vehicle you drive, the golden rule is to treat other road users with respect and courtesy. All road users should drive or ride safely and obey the traffic rules at all times. This includes keeping as far left as practicable, stopping at red lights and following Police directions.

Riders must not ride more than two abreast. 

The roads for this ride are not closed to regular traffic, cyclists are to obey all road rules and listen to directions given by ride officials and Police at all times.


When you finish the ride you must return to the finish line to check back in by riding under the start/finish arch, just as you did at the start of the ride. This is the system we use to ensure you have made it back safely. If we have not checked you back in when the ride is over we will contact you to ensure you are safe. If we cannot contact you your emergency contact will be used.  Please ride over these mats ONCE ONLY.

Rider Checklist

  • Purchase a bike tube which fits your bike tyre and carry this with you on Saturday
  • Securely attach ride number to front of bike with zip ties provided
  • Gather items for jersey pockets (phone, sunscreen, snacks, spare tubes etc)
  • Fill water bottle/s and place in bike
  • Bicycle helmet
  • Closed in shoes
  • Sunglasses if required
  • Lycra and Shaved legs (just kidding it’s not that serious!)